Master Zhou’s Flight of the Dragon – Yan Cha Tea Tasting

We are excited to introduce two Flight of the Dragon Yan Cha tea tasting boxes of fine Wu Yi Rock Oolong from Masters Chen & Zhou. The two tea flight boxes contain all 12 Yan Cha teas that are also featured in our shop. Each box was packed at source and contains 6 teas, two individual 7g packets of each. Perfect serving size for a gong fu session with each type of tea! Each box is unique so there is no overlap between them.

Volume 1, Pin Zhong Yan Cha:

2x7g Fo Shou
2x7g Huang Guan Yin
2x7g Jin Mu Dan
2x7g Mei Zhan
2x7g Qi Lan
2x7g Que She

Volume 2, Ming Cong Yan Cha:

2x7g Bei Dou
2x7g Qi Dan
2x7g Rou Gui
2x7g Shui Jin Gui
2x7g Shui Xian
2x7g Tie Luo Han

Tea by weight: approximately 84g of tea in each box

Brewing guide: 2.5g in 250ml water at 90°C for 2-3 minutes



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Origin:Wuyi Shan, Fujian Province, China
Cultivar:Local Wuyi Cultivars
Harvest time:April - May 2022
Sourcing:Direct from the Chen & Zhou family


Brand new teas and selections boxes for 2022, full descriptions coming shortly!

Welcome to our Flight of the Dragon Wu Yi Oolong tea tasting boxes! These were designed and selected to provide a wide selection of different types of Yan Cha tea crafted by a wife and husband team, Masters Chen and Zhou. Each tea flight box contains 6 teas, each in two separate 7g packets. These are perfect for gong fu sessions, allowing to sample different styles and compare them. The selection of the boxes is split into Volume 1 (Pin Zhong) and Volume 2 (Ming Cong).

What is the difference between Ming Cong and Pin Zhong?

Ming Cong is the name given to teas crafted from Wuyi cultivars that originated in the area and have a long local history. Pin Zhong teas are crafted from much newer cultivars, either imported from other locations outside of Wuyi Shan or recently developed through hybridisation.

You can read more about each tea on the specific tea page that are due to be published soon. We hope you enjoy these Wu Yi Oolong tea flights!

Volume 1, Pin Zhong Yan Cha:

Fo Shou
Huang Guan Yin
Jin Mu Dan
Mei Zhan
Qi Lan
Que She

Volume 2, Ming Cong Yan Cha:

Bei Dou
Qi Dan
Rou Gui
Shui Jin Gui
Shui Xian
Tie Luo Han