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All About Oolong Tea Gift Box

All About Oolong Tea Gift Box is the perfect tea gift for anyone who has a particular interest in oolong tea. Includes six 10g samples of our most popular oolong teas that are carefully selected to showcase some of the classic and unusual oolong tea varieties from around the world.

Our current selection for this gift box contains the following:
10g Tie Guan Yin Iron Goddess of Mercy (China)
10g Santikhiri Ruan Zhi Oolong (Thailand)
10g Gui Fei Oolong (Taiwan)
10g Zhang Ping Shui Xian Roasted (China)
10g Wu Yi Shan Rou Gui Oolong (China)
10g Meishan Hong Shui Oolong (Taiwan)

You can now have our tea selection boxes delivered in our premium gift packaging, which consists of an embossed gift box that is lined with mulberry paper. This is perfect for gifting straight away. You can also easily add your gift message during the checkout process and we can dispatch the gift straight to the recipient.

Total tea by weight: 60g



Curious Tea All About Oolong Tea Gift Box contains six small pouches of 10g each of six different oolong teas from around the world. This tea selection gift box is perfect for exploring the different types of oolong teas. We carefully handpicked these to showcase each tea and highlight how cultivation, terroir and processing play their roles in turning the camellia sinensis plant into so many different oolong teas with such varied taste profiles.

We recommend purchasing this tea selection in gift packaging. This consists of an embossed gift box lined with mulberry paper that makes for a fantastic tea gift. This is the perfect way to present this unique tea gift to any tea lover.

This All About Oolong Tea Gift Box contains the following oolong teas:

Tie Guan Yin Iron Goddess of Mercy is a floral lightly oxidised oolong Anxi County in Fujian Province of China. The tightly rolled leaves are light green and have a gentle floral scent. The pale gold liquor has a light flavour with little aftertaste. There are floral buttery notes of green vegetables with a hint of sweet peppers.

Santikhiri Ruan Zhi Oolong is made from a Taiwanese Ruan Zhi varietal. This light and floral oolong is from Doi Mae Salong mountain area and it produces a medium golden liquor with a fresh aroma. Balanced flavours are floral, refreshing and comforting with a citrus edge.

Gui Fei Oolong is is an exquisite and rare high mountain oolong. The leaves of this ‘beauty tea’ are nibbled by little green leaf hoppers. This results in a supremely unique wild honey flavour, with sweet, floral and woody notes. Winner of a 3* Great Taste Award in 2017.

Zhang Ping Shui Xian Roasted is an unusual and rare oolong that comes pressed into a square-shaped cake. The light mouth-watering liquor of this tea has a smooth, roasted and mineral flavour with creamy, floral and nutty notes.

Wu Yi Shan Rou Gui Oolong is an aromatic and sweet Wu Yi Rock Oolong, or yancha from Fujian Province. Large leaves produce an amber liquor with a floral honey scent. The sweet juicy character has mineral and floral notes with a lingering aromatic and stony finish.

Meishan Hong Shui Oolong is a complex high mountain tea from Taiwan. Tightly rolled dark leaves undergo multiple roasting to produce a complex and fragrant liquor. The taste is smooth and balanced with floral, sweet and toasty notes and a tangy aftertaste.

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