Yearly Archives: 2015

Dian Hong Black Pagoda

December 2015: Ginseng Oolong, Tai Ping Hou Kui, Makaibari, Dian Hong

In December 2015 we are featuring the following teas for our tea club subscribers: Light: King Ginseng Oolong and Tai Ping Hou Kui; Dark: Dian Hong Black Pagoda and Darjeeling Makaibari Oolong; Mixed: King Ginseng Oolong and Dian Hong Black Pagoda. Welcome to another month of Curious Tea subscriptions! This…
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Tuo-cha Pu-erh

October 2015 boxes: Yin Zhen, Rohini Green, Smoked Oolong, Tuo-cha

In October 2015 we are featuring the following four very different gourmet teas: A delicate Yin Zhen white tea; the rare Rohini Green tea and complex Smoked Oolong, both from India; and our first dark tea – Tuo-cha, a type of pu-erh. Light: Yin Zhen Silver Needle and Darjeeling Rohini…
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Kenyan Purple Varietal Green Tea

September 2015: Purple Varietal, Harendong Green, Black Pearl, Doke Black

In September 2015 we are featuring the following teas for our tea club subscription: a great purple tea from Kenya, two Indonesian teas from Harendong and a very rare Doke Black fusion. Light: Purple Varietal Green Tea and Harendong Green Oolong; Dark: Harendong Black Pearl and Bihar Doke Black Fusion;…
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Black Mao Jian

August 2015: Monkey Picked Oolong, Bi Luo Chun, Mist Valley, Mao Jian

In August 2015 we are featuring the following teas for our tea subscribers. We have Monkey Picked Oolong, Bi Luo Chun, Mist Valley First Flush and Mao Jian. Light: Monkey Picked Oolong and Bi Luo Chun; Dark: Black Mao Jian and Mist Valley First Flush; Mixed: Monkey Picked Oolong and…
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Darjeeling Gopaldhara Red Thunder Oolong

July 2015: Jin Zhu Mao Jian, Jin Shan Shi Yu, Silvertips, Gopaldhara

In July 2015 we are featuring the following varieties for our tea subscription club: two special greens from Anhui in China – Jin Zhu Mao Jian and Jin Shan Shi Yu; there is the outstanding Silvertips from Sri Lanka and a strong dark oolong from Gopaldhara estate in Darjeeling. We…
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Quiz – 30 top tea producing countries.

Here’s a fun little quiz to test your knowledge on the 30 top tea producing countries – where tea is grown and harvested around the world. If you read our blog you should know five at least – some of the other 25 are quite surprising! Here’s a hint –…
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Dragon Well (Longjing)

April 2015 boxes: Dragon Well, GABA, Pine Needle, Singbulli

In April 2015 we are featuring the following gourmet loose teas for our subscriptions: A mood-lifting oolong from Taiwan, the famous Dragon Well and interesting Ping Needle from China, then a lovely darjeeling from the Singbulli estate. Light: Dragon Well (Longjing) and GABA Oolong; Dark: Pine Needle (Song Zhen) and…
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