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Rohini’s garden is near Kurseong and Pankhabari in India’s Darjeeling district. It’s adjacent to Castleton and Makai Bari tea estates. As it was closed for a number of years until the 1990s, it has been called ‘the youngest tea estate of Darjeeling’.

Tuo-cha Pu-erh

October 2015 boxes: Yin Zhen, Rohini Green, Smoked Oolong, Tuo-cha

In October 2015 we are featuring the following four very different gourmet teas: A delicate Yin Zhen white tea; the rare Rohini Green tea and complex Smoked Oolong, both from India; and our first dark tea – Tuo-cha, a type of pu-erh. Light: Yin Zhen Silver Needle and Darjeeling Rohini…
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Huoshan Huangya Yellow

March 2015 Boxes: Huoshan Huangya, Lelsa, Doomni, Autumnal Rohini

Our March boxes should be with all our UK subscribers by now and our international subscribers should be receiving them very soon. We hope you will enjoy what we have selected for you this March. We have Huoshan Huangya Yellow, Lelsa Pai Mu Tan, An Assam Doomni Special and Darjeeling…
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