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In India, first flush refers to the plucking of tea leaves in spring, usually mid-March following spring rains. Darjeeling of this picking and has a very light colour, aroma, and mild astringency. It is the most prized for this type of tea. It can correspond to the Korea ‘Ujeon’.

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September 2019 – Gourmet Loose Leaf Tea Subscription | Curious Tea

Welcome to the September 2019 edition of the Curious Tea subscription! Here’s a closer look at the four exciting new teas that we are sharing with our subscribers this month. The first light tea this month is a Chinese White Monkey green tea from Fujian that has unusually distinct woody…
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Wen Shan Bao Zhong Taiwanese Oolong

July 2016: Colombian Green, Bao Zhong, Darjeeling Castleton, Pu-erh Pearls

It’s time for another month of Curious Tea subscriptions! We have a great selection for July for you to try. We have selected the following four teas for you this month: a real champagne of teas, a 2016 First Flush Darjeeling from Castleton Tea Estate; a delicate and floral Wen…
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Black Mao Jian

August 2015: Monkey Picked Oolong, Bi Luo Chun, Mist Valley, Mao Jian

In August 2015 we are featuring the following teas for our tea subscribers. We have Monkey Picked Oolong, Bi Luo Chun, Mist Valley First Flush and Mao Jian. Light: Monkey Picked Oolong and Bi Luo Chun; Dark: Black Mao Jian and Mist Valley First Flush; Mixed: Monkey Picked Oolong and…
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Dragon Well (Longjing)

April 2015 boxes: Dragon Well, GABA, Pine Needle, Singbulli

In April 2015 we are featuring the following gourmet loose teas for our subscriptions: A mood-lifting oolong from Taiwan, the famous Dragon Well and interesting Ping Needle from China, then a lovely darjeeling from the Singbulli estate. Light: Dragon Well (Longjing) and GABA Oolong; Dark: Pine Needle (Song Zhen) and…
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