Monthly Archives: January 2015

Snow Bud

January 2015 Boxes: Fukujyu, Snow Bud, Assam Doomni, Jun Chiyabari

Our January boxes should be with all our UK subscribers by now and our international customers should be receiving them very soon. We hope you enjoy what we have selected for you in January. They are Sencha Fukujyu, Snow Bud, Assam Doomni Second Flush and Jun Chiyabari First Flush. Whether…
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December 2014: Jasmine Pearl, Kukicha, Golden Monkey King, Thurbo

Our December 2014 boxes should be with all box subscribers by now. We hope you are enjoying your teas already! We have a lovely Jasmine Pearl, a sweet Kukicha, well-balanced Golden Monkey King and a delicate Darjeeling Thurbo First Flush. To help along with your tea tasting, we are launching…
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