Shan Lin Xi Long Feng Xia Oolong (2022)

Shan Lin Xi Long Feng Xia Oolong is an exceptional tea from Shanlinxi, an area famed for producing some of the world’s best oolong teas. Grown at an altitude of 1,800m, the large leaves produce a bright and smooth liquor with wild floral notes and a citrus edge.

Brewing guide: 2.5g in 250ml water at 90°C for 3-5 minutes



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Origin:Longfengxia, Nantou County, Taiwan
Elevation:Shanlinxi, 1,800m
Cultivar:Qing Xin 'Green Heart' (青心)
Harvest time:May 2022
Sourcing:From the farmer (Mr Chen) via Taiwanese Tea Master


Shan Lin Xi Long Feng Xia Oolong (杉林溪龍鳳峽烏龍茶) is a truly exceptional oolong from Nantou County of Taiwan. It is grown in the Shanlinxi mountainous area of the county. Shanlinxi literally translates as Pine Forest Stream but the most commonly accepted translation is Sun Link Sea when referring to this particular location. Situated high up in the mountains, at an altitude of over 1,800m, this area is renowned for producing some of the best oolongs in the world. This tea was picked in May 2022.

The name Longfengxia translates roughly as Dragon Phoenix Gorge and refers to the best and highest location of the Shanlinxi growing area. The tea is made from Qing Xin Green Heart (青心) cultivar that is a very popular choice for high mountain oolongs of Taiwan. It is hand picked and processed by the Chen family, who have been growing tea in the mountains of Taiwan for two generations.

This Shan Lin Xi Long Feng Xia Oolong is definitely an addictive and captivating tea. It is very lightly processed, with a zero baking level and low (about 10-15%) oxidation. The tightly rolled green leaves have a lovely fresh floral and green smell that is a great sign of things to come!

When brewed, the lovely large leaves start unfurling, releasing an aroma of wild flowers. The liquor is a pale green colour and very bright. It is easy to tell that it is a high mountain oolong, the taste is extremely clean, fresh and crisp. The flavours predominantly are of wild exotic flowers, with hints of greener flowers such as dandelions on the top notes. As expected, this Shan Lin Xi Long Feng Xia Oolong is not in the slightest astringent, with a delicate aftertaste and a citrus and slightly tangy edge. There is a lingering and very pleasing aftertaste that makes you want to have more of this beautiful tea.

We suggest brewing Shan Lin Xi Long Feng Xia Oolong at 90°C for 3-5 minutes according to your taste. It can be brewed 5 or more times depending on your taste preferences. To get the most out this tea, consider using a gaiwan or a traditional clay pot to benefit from the complexity of flavours from repeated multiple infusions.

This Shan Lin Xi Long Feng Xia Oolong tea was first featured in our September 2016 Curious Tea Subscription Boxes.