Golden Monkey King

Golden Monkey King is a classic Jin Hou black tea from Fuding in Fujian Province. Tippy leaves produce a richly flavoured liquor that is superbly mellow. The satisfyingly sweet profile has a classic black tea flavour with fruity, cocoa and malty notes.

Brewing guide: 2.5g in 250ml water at 90°C for 3-4 mins



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Origin:Fuding, Fujian Province
Cultivar:Fuding Da Bai Hao 'Large White' (福鼎大白毫)
Harvest time:May 2023
Sourcing:Specialist Chinese Wholesaler


Golden Monkey King or Jin Hou Wang (金猴王) black tea originates from Fujian and Yunnan provinces of China. This particular crop is from the famous Fuding tea growing area of Fujian Province and was picked in early May 2023. It is produced from Da Bai Hao ‘Large White’ tea plants typically used for white tea production, hence it is considered to be a black counterpart to the white Yin Zhen Silver Needle. Only the bud and the first two leaves are picked during harvest. The leaves are then rolled and put through a carefully controlled oxidation process. This results in a distinctive golden tip appearance and gives it great flavour that is mellow and low on tannins.

There are different theories and legends as to why this tea is named after golden monkeys; it could be that the dry leaves resemble golden monkey paws. In local folklore it is also said to have been picked by golden monkeys from tall tea trees. It is also said that his black tea was very popular with local Chinese landlords and Taipans, who believed that the tea gave them the strength and virility attributed to male golden monkeys.

This Golden Monkey King black tea has a neat, twisted leaf with a good amount of golden tip. When brewed it produces a floral, malty fragrance and a rich but mellow liquor. It has a classic black tea character with satisfying notes of fruits, cocoa and malt. The aftertaste is refreshing, with a mineral edge and minimal astringency. This is a rich, smooth and flavoursome black tea with a good degree of sweetness.

It is best brewed at around 90°C for 3-4 minutes. Golden Monkey King is a complex black tea that can be enjoyed in multiple infusions.

This Jin Hou Golden Monkey King black tea was featured in our September 2019 Curious Tea Subscription Boxes.