Great Taste Awards – The Lucky 8

Perfect gift for any tea lover! Eight of our award-winning teas (Great Taste Awards 2016-2020) that will satisfy and intrigue any discerning tea drinker. Includes eight 10g samples of our favourite award winning teas, which represent some of the best and most popular teas from Curious Tea.

Our selection for this gift box contains the following:

10g Long Jing Ming Qian Dragon Well (green tea from China)
10g Kirishima Matcha Genmaicha (green tea from Japan)
10g Jasmine Pearls (green tea from China)
10g Organic Milk Oolong (oolong tea from Taiwan)
10g Gui Fei Oolong (oolong tea from Taiwan)
10g Red Jade GABA (black tea from Taiwan)
10g Dian Hong Jin Luo Golden Snail (black tea from China)
10g Assam Koliapani Signature Black (black tea from China)

You can now have our connoisseur tea selection boxes delivered in our premium gift packaging, which consists of an embossed gift box that is lined with mulberry paper. This is perfect for gifting straight away. You can also easily add your gift message during the checkout process and we can dispatch the gift straight to the recipient.

Total tea by weight: 80g




Our Curious Tea Great Taste Awards ‘The Lucky 8’ contains eight sample pouches of 10g each of our most popular and favourite award-winning teas:

Long Jing Ming Qian Dragon Well is an exquisite green tea from China harvested in early spring. The light green liquor produced has a faint incense aroma and a complex sweet and savoury taste with zesty vegetal notes. Winner of a 2* Great Taste Award in 2018.

Kirishima Matcha Genmaicha consists of fine sencha leaves, toasted brown rice and superior grade matcha. Produced to organic standards in Japan, it is known as ‘popcorn tea’ for its distinctive and unusual flavour. The taste is a little creamy, with a distinctive toasted corn and vegetal profile. Winner of a 1* Great Taste Award in 2020.

Jasmine Pearls is a famous premium jasmine green tea from Fujian Provice in China. Young leaves are rolled into pearls and are scented with fresh jasmine blossom. This tea produces a refreshingly fragrant, sweet and floral liquor that is highly addictive! Winner of a 1* Great Taste Award in 2019.

Organic Milk Oolong is grown from a ‘Jin Xuan’ cultivar in Mingjian Township, Nantou County, Taiwan. This tea is not flavoured but has a natural mild milky aroma, mouthfeel and taste. The clean liquor has light and sweet notes of cream and almonds. Winner of a 2* Great Taste Award in 2016.

Gui Fei Oolong is an exquisite and rare high mountain oolong from Taiwan. The leaves of this ‘beauty tea’ are nibbled by little green leaf hoppers. This results in a supremely unique wild honey flavour, with sweet, floral and woody notes. Winner of a 3* Great Taste Award in 2017.

Red Jade GABA from Taiwan is a unique take on a GABA-rich tea that is made from an organically grown ‘Ruby’ or ‘Red Jade’ cultivar. Tightly rolled leaves make a medium strength liquor that is crisp and smooth, with a lingering flavour of raisins, tart fruits and a hint of mint. Winner of a 1* Great Taste Award in 2018.

Dian Hong Jin Luo Golden Snail from Yunnan Province of China is produced by rolling tea buds into small golden coils, or snail shapes. The dark amber liquor has a savoury scent of rye and soy. The taste is sweet and malty, like a sweet bread, with notes of cocoa and molasses. Winner of a 3* Great Taste Award in 2017.

Assam Koliapani Signature Black is a handmade Second Flush Assam from a small family-run estate in Koliapani Village. Large twisted leaves produce a bright clear liquor. The classic Assam profile has a sweet, malty, mineral and fruity taste with notes of molasses and caramel. Winner of a 2* Great Taste Award in 2020.

We recommend purchasing this gourmet tea selection in gift packaging. This consists of an embossed gift box lined with mulberry paper that makes for an exquisite tea gift. This is the perfect way to present this tea selection to any tea lover.