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Around the World in 8 Teas Selection Box

Around the World in 8 Teas Selection Box is the perfect tea gift for anyone interested in exploring different teas from various corners of the globe. Includes eight 10g samples of different teas that are carefully selected to showcase some of the most popular of our teas each country has to offer.

Our current selection for this gift box contains the following:
10g Yin Zhen Silver Needle (white tea from China)
10g Bitaco Colombian Green (green tea from Colombia)
10g Matcha Genmaicha (green tea from Japan)
10g Wen Shan Bao Zhong (oolong tea from Taiwan)
10g Santikhiri Ruan Zhi Oolong (oolong tea from Thailand)
10g Darjeeling Namring First Flush 2017 (black tea from India)
10g Bolaven Nang Bua Saa Dam (black tea from Laos)
10g Ceylon New Vithanakande Silver Tips (black tea from Sri Lanka)

You can now have our connoisseur tea selection boxes delivered in our premium gift packaging, which consists of an embossed gift box that is lined with mulberry paper. This is perfect for gifting straight away. You can also easily add your gift message during the checkout process and we can dispatch the gift straight to the recipient.

Total tea by weight: 80g



Curious Tea Around the World in 8 Teas Selection Box contains eight small pouches of 10g each of teas from eight different countries around the world. This tea selection gift box is perfect for tasting teas from different countries and exploring the world of tea. We carefully handpicked these to showcase each country’s production and to highlight how cultivation, terroir and processing play their roles in turning the camellia sinensis plant into so many teas with such contrasting tastes.

We recommend purchasing this tea selection box in gift packaging. This consists of an embossed gift box lined with mulberry paper that makes for a fantastic tea gift. This is the perfect way to present this unique tea gift to any tea lover.

This Around the World in 8 Teas Selection Box contains the following teas:

Yin Zhen Silver Needle is one of the most revered white teas from China. This Bai Hao version is grown in Fujian Province of China and consists solely of hand plucked tender buds. The pale golden liquor has a dry fruity scent with a light and airy character that is floral and sweet.

Bitaco Colombian Green is an intriguing green tea from a relatively unknown tea growing region. Dark green twisted leaves produce a light yellow liquor with a slight floral and vegetal aroma. The flavour has a unique and distinct fennel and aniseed taste with perfumed floral notes.

Matcha Genmaicha consists of fine sencha leaves, toasted brown rice and superior grade matcha. Produced to organic standards in Japan, it is known as ‘popcorn tea’ for its distinctive and unusual flavour. The taste is a little creamy, with a distinctive toasted corn (popcorn) and vegetal profile.

Wen Shan Bao Zhong is a delightful floral green oolong (pouchong) from Taiwan. Large twisted leaves produce a light liquor with a floral aroma. Similar to a mellow green tea but without any harshness, the taste is smooth with creamy and floral notes.

Santikhiri Ruan Zhi Oolong is made from a Taiwanese Ruan Zhi varietal. This light and floral oolong is from Doi Mae Salong mountain area and it produces a medium golden liquor with a fresh aroma. Balanced flavours are floral, refreshing and comforting with a citrus edge.

Darjeeling Namring First Flush 2017 is a supreme first flush Darjeeling from Upper Namring Estate, plucked in early 2017. It is smooth and balanced with a light first flush character. It has a lovely floral profile, with chalky and muscatel flavours and top notes of exotic fruits.

Bolaven Nang Bua Saa Dam is an unusual partially fermented black tea from Bolaven Plateau in Laos. Long twisted leaves produce an amber liquor with a light creamy and floral aroma. The flavours are complex, with light notes of roasted corn, tobacco, tart fruits and a tangy aftertaste.

Ceylon New Vithanakande Silver Tips is a classic high grade Silver Tips black tea from New Vithanakande Tea Estate in Sri Lanka. Neat black and silver leaves produce a dark amber liquor. It has a smooth deep character with stony and malty notes of fruits and molasses.

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