Darjeeling Phoobsering First Flush 2016

Darjeeling Phoobsering First Flush 2016 is a supreme Darjeeling from Phoobsering Tea Estate, famous for producing top tier First Flush teas. The 2016 vintage is no exception. This mouth-watering champagne-like tea has a mineral, chalky and muscatel character with sweet and floral notes. Perfect as an afternoon tea!

Brewing guide: 2.5g in 250ml water at 90°C for 3-4 minutes


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Origin:West Valley, Darjeeling
Cultivar:Clonal, Phoobsering 312
Harvest time:Spring 2016
Sourcing:Specialist UK Wholesaler


Darjeeling Phoobsering First Flush 2016 is a high grade (FTGFOP1) tea that delivers all the best traits that First Flush Darjeelings are famous for in a most elegant and balanced manner. It is an excellent Darjeeling, full of first flush character, from the 2016 spring crop grown and processed to organic standards by Phoobsering Tea Estate.

Phoobsering Tea Estate is one of the oldest plantations in the West Valley of Darjeeling District, right next to the town of Darjeeling. Interestingly, and somewhat unusually, the tea estate is named after a local person, the first supervisor of the estate called Phoob Tshering. There is no explanation why the tea estate was named after a local and it presents an intriguing mystery. The tea garden is located at an elevation of between 1,000 and 1,800m and produces some world-renowned first flush teas.

This Darjeeling Phoobsering First Flush, plucked in spring 2016, has neat small leaves with muted dark green colours as well as silver tips. Once brewed, this tea produces a bright golden liquor with a pronounced first flush champagne-like character. These characteristics are most welcome in this Darjeeling Phoobsering First Flush 2016, making it a very fine and balanced tea. The mouthwatering flavour profile is mineral and chalky, with sweet muscatel and floral notes. Unlike some other muscatel First Flush Darjeelings, this tea presents a more balanced profile for your palate. The competing flavours work in unison with no single flavour outshining any others.

Darjeeling Phoobsering First Flush 2016 black tea is best brewed at 90°C for 3-5 minutes according to your taste. It can also stand at least one more infusion. Best taken without milk to fully enjoy the first flush character and complexity of flavours of this fine tea.

This Darjeeling Phoobsering First Flush 2016 black tea was first featured in our August 2016 Curious Tea Subscription Boxes.