Darjeeling Mandal Gaon First Flush (2020)

Darjeeling Mandal Gaon First Flush is a handcrafted First Flush Darjeeling from Mandal Gaon. Grown at an organic garden in the Himalayan foothills, it has a neat, large, tippy leaf. The balanced, smooth flavours are fruity and sweet with a tangy and zesty aftertaste.

Brewing guide: 2.5g in 250ml water at 90°C for 3-4 minutes



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Origin:Mandal Gaon Tea Garden, Darjeeling, India
Cultivar:Select Chinese Seed Plants & AV2
Harvest time:April 2020
Sourcing:Specialist Indian Wholesaler


Darjeeling Mandal Gaon First Flush is a very fine, handmade Darjeeling from a small tea estate run by Mr Buddhasingh and his family to organic standards. Picked at the end of April 2020 (batch #001), this tea has a beautifully neat, tippy, semi-oxidised, large leaf. This tea from Mandal Gaon is also known as ‘Ramro Cha’. It produces a balanced yet complex liqour that is both typical of Darjeeling while being quite different!

Mr Buddhasingh has a tea plantation that produces small amounts of organically grown tea from some 8,000 bushes. It is located at an altitude of around 1,650m (5,500 ft) above sea level, in the Himalayan mountain slopes. As common with many local small farmers, the leaves from this tea garden would originally have been sold to larger tea factories. Mr Buddhasingh has recently built a micro tea factory in 2016 and has started producing fine artisanal Darjeeling teas. While an organic certification is financially out of reach for the time being, the teas grown at Mandal Gaon are grown and produced to organic standards.

Mandal Gaon Tea Garden, Darjeeling
Mandal Gaon Tea Garden, Darjeeling

We work together with a specialist wholesaler in India who only works with small scale farmers like Mr Buddhasingh. Their main focus area is in Assam, but they also work with Mandal Gaon in Darjeeling. They do not just resell the farmers’ teas but also provide support and financial help to small scale farmers to enable them to produce great quality tea – such as investing into machinery and providing them with knowhow. This guarantees small scale farmers a fair price for their tea and provides investment into their farm to support their family’s future.

This Darjeeling Mandal Gaon First Flush has very neat, hand-processed leaves that exhibit medium oxidation. The character created is very Darjeeling, yet different. The leaves look rather beautiful when brewed, with a wide gamut of mostly green, yellow and bronze colours. The leaves are rather large for Darjeeling and are the result of careful hand processing. The bright golden orange liquor has a lightly fruity aroma. The flavours are particularly smooth, with a citrus profile featuring tangy, fruity notes that are lightly creamy, sweet and floral. There is a pleasant amount of dryness on the aftertaste but no astringency. It is rather finely balanced, with no overpowering mineral or floral perfumed notes that many First Flush Darjeeling teas are known for. This is an expertly crafted tea that will appeal to both fans and sceptics of classic First Flush Darjeeling teas.

We suggest brewing parameters of 90°C for 3-5 minutes according to your taste, brewing multiple times.

This Darjeeling Mandal Gaon First Flush black tea was first featured in our September 2019 Curious Tea Subscription Boxes.

Mandal Gaon Tea Garden, Darjeeling
Mandal Gaon Tea Garden, Darjeeling