Assam Koliapani Signature Black

Assam Koliapani Signature Black is a handmade Second Flush Assam from a small family-run estate in Koliapani Village. Large twisted leaves produce a bright clear liquor. The classic Assam profile has a sweet, malty, mineral and fruity taste with notes of molasses and caramel.

Unfortunately this tea is no longer available. You may want to try our new Latumoni Tippy Black or Kathaldanga Signature Black instead.

Brewing guide: 2.5g in 250ml water at 90°C for 3-5 minutes


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Origin:Koliapani Village, Assam, India
Cultivar:Assamica Wild Seed Plants
Harvest time:May 2020
Sourcing:Specialist Assam Wholesaler


Unfortunately this tea is no longer available. You may want to try our new Latumoni Tippy Black or Kathaldanga Signature Black instead.

Assam Koliapani Signature Black is a very fine, handmade Second Flush Summer Assam from a small tea estate run by Mr Rebo and his family. Teas are grown here to organic standards and are carefully hand processed in order to achieve fine quality and flavour. Picked at the end of May 2020, this tea produces a well balanced cup that delivers on typical Assam flavour yet has no unpleasant bitterness or astringency. We also stock a green tea from Koliapani!

Mr Rebo has a small tea plantation that is located in the village of Koliapani at a low altitude of around 100 metres. This growing environment is typical for Assam teas. The plants used in the garden are seed plants from mostly wild Assamica trees. These were sourced by Mr Rebo from an abandoned tea garden in Nagaland. The small garden was originally planted by Mr Rebo in the 90’s and he originally sold the fresh tea leaves to the local big garden factories. Often their tea was not accepted by the factories for various reason, so it would just had to be thrown away as the family had no skills or machinery to process the tea themselves. With declining prices for the fresh leaves, the Mr Rebo, now aided by his two sons, decided to start a micro tea factory in 2015.

We work together with a specialist wholesaler in India who only works with small scale farmers like Mr Rebo. They do not just resell the farmers’ teas but also provide support and financial help to small scale farmers to enable them to produce great quality tea – such as investing into machinery and providing them with knowhow. In this case they were instrumental with helping Mr Rebo and his family in making their micro tea factory a great success.

The small garden is surrounded by small forests of trees and other plants. These are left undisturbed on purpose to protect the tea plants and biodiversity in this garden. This does provide a form of natural pest control for the family. While a complete organic certification is financially out of reach for a small garden like this, the teas here are grown and produced to organic standards, without the use of any artificial pesticides or fertilisers.

This Assam Koliapani Signature Black has large, twisted leaf with a tangy aroma of raw cocoa. The bright liquor produced has a good depth of colour and a comforting black tea aroma. The taste is typical malty Assam black tea, but somewhat elevated and refined in flavour. It is not as strong as most Assam black teas can be, but that enables it to showcase some more intriguing flavours. The sweet, malty profile has lovely notes of caramel, molasses and plums. The smooth aftertaste has mineral notes and is a little drying but not astringent. This tea delivers a classic Assam black tea flavour but in a more sophisticated manner!

We suggest brewing parameters of 90°C for 3-5 minutes according to your taste, brewing multiple times. Definitely best drunk without milk, although you could always experiment with brewing it stronger and adding just a little dash of milk.

This Assam Koliapani Signature Black tea was first featured in our October 2019 Curious Tea Subscription Boxes.

Assam Koliapani
Assam Koliapani Tea Garden