Matcha with Cinnamon

An earthy, warming drink, the antibacterial powerhouse combination of spicy cinnamon and umami green tea has also been shown to improve insulin sensitivity.

Brewing guide: 1/3 tsp in 70ml water at 70°C then whisk or shake until smooth



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Matcha from Shizuoka prefecture grown to organic standards is blended with organic Vietnamese cinnamon powder to create an earthy and warming drink. This exquisite fusion not only tickles your taste buds but also offers health benefits.

Our Matcha with Cinnamon offers a unique synergy of antioxidants, supporting immune health and promoting mental clarity. Matcha’s amino acid, chlorophyll and catechin profile become an anti-inflammatory powerhouse when combined with Cinnamon which may help stabilize blood sugar levels and aid digestion.

As the flavour of matcha with cinnamon is strong, less than a gram (0.7) is needed per 70ml of hot water. Usually, it is measured with a matcha spoon (chashaku 茶杓) into a bowl (chawan 茶碗). Very warm water (around 70°C) is then added and briskly mixed with a matcha whisk (chasen 茶筅) until frothy. Alternatively you can use any vessel and whisk or even a drinks shaker; the important point is to properly mix the water and powder completely.

As with standard Matcha, this powder mix is delicate and should be stored in its packet, away from strong smells and light to keep its flavour, freshness and also its nutrients don’t degrade.