Organic Sencha Powder

Organic Sencha powder is an inexpensive alternative to matcha, with a gentle grassy flavour and high in beneficial catechins.

Brewing guide: 1/3 tsp in 70ml water at 70°C then whisk or shake until smooth



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Origin:Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
Elevation:Kirishima (霧島), 400m
Harvest time:Blended 2022 harvests, ground in August 2022
Sourcing:Direct from producer


Organic Sencha powder is a great inexpensive alternative to matcha.

This powder is know as Funmatsucha which is lower quality powder made from unshaded sencha or other teas. Matcha on the other hand is made from specifically shaded tea called Tencha. Neither of these should be confused with Konacha, which is left over dust, buds and small leaves from tea production.

It has a more verdant flavour which is less umami but more grassy more grassy with more astringency. The colour is a gentler, mossy green colour.

The flavour of powdered teas is fairly strong, so less than a gram (0.7) is needed per 70ml of hot water.
As with matcha, it is usually measured into a bowl and whisked with very warm (70°C) water until frothy. Alternatively you can use a drinks shaker, spoon into a smoothie whilst blending or top up with your favourite milk for a sencha powder latte.

Sencha powder is delicate and should be stored in its packet, away from strong smells and light to keep its flavour and freshness. This way it will last a few months, and you will be able to tell from the vibrancy of its green colour how fresh it remains.