Darjeeling Rohini Enigma Second Flush

Darjeeling Rohini Enigma is a flavoursome Second Flush Darjeeling from Rohini Tea Estate. Made from AV2 plants, it is highly oxidised to produce a rich liquor with a sweet malty taste. The fruity honey notes give way to a zesty aftertaste with pleasantly light tannins.

Brewing guide: 2.5g in 250ml water at 90°C for 3-4 minutes



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Origin:Rohini Tea Estate, Darjeeling, India
Elevation:900 - 1,200m
Harvest time:June 2021 - Invoice DJ-83
Sourcing:Direct from Rohini


Darjeeling Rohini Enigma Second Flush is a highly oxidised Second Flush Darjeeling from Rohini Tea Estate crafted from AV2 plants grown at an altitude of 900-1,200 metres. Picked early in the Second Flush season, it is more oxidised than an oolong but still not fully oxidised as most other Second Flush teas. The plucking time and plant selection is specifically geared towards producing a flavour with a more pronounced muscatel aspect that is reminiscent of Taiwanese Oriental Beauty teas. The taste is closer to a classic Second Flush, with a sweet malty flavour. The lighter oxidation (approximately 80%) does bring out muscatel honey notes, a zesty aftertaste as well as lighter tannins. This lots is from the early June 2021 harvest.

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Like all our Rohini and Gopaldhara teas, we source it directly from Rishi Saria, the owner and director of Gopaldhara and Rohini Tea Estates. Rohini Tea Estate is located along the route that connects the towns of Siliguri and Kurseong. Surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, this estate produces tea from relatively young trees. The estate has had a chequered past, not actually producing any tea for about 30 years after it was shut in 1962. Recently it has been replanted with young tea trees, so sometimes it is referred to as the youngest tea estate in Darjeeling. It is now going from strength to strength and is producing more and more interesting and higher quality teas. Most recently Rohini have been elevating the quality and flavours by focusing on smaller hand processed batches and more unusual types of tea.

It is made entirely from leaves picked from AV2 plants. The AV2 plant name stands for Ambari Vegetative 2, one of the various clonal plants popular in Darjeeling. AV2 is perhaps one of the most preferred clones in Darjeeling, even though it was originally developed in the plains. The popularity of this particular plants stems from the prominent fragrance and aroma of the finished tea. This plant is very prone to drought and insect attacks so the best teas come from plants grown at higher elevation in very good soil and that are picked during dry weather.

This Darjeeling Rohini Enigma Second Flush is a flavoursome and rich Second Flush tea that still delivers quite elegant flavours. The neat leaves have a good amount of golden tips and produce a dark amber liquor with a malty aroma. The overall malty profile has sweet notes of stewed red fruits, with a honey muscatel aspect coming through. The lasting aftertaste delivers some pleasantly zesty citrus notes, with more fruity honey top notes. The finish has some welcome light tannins that nicely balance the main flavours. In some aspects, this reminds of a good, strong black tea, the flavour of which has been lifted and lightened by addition of floral honey and a slice of lemon.

This tea is best brewed at 90°C for 3 minutes and can be brewed 2+ times. Like all top grade teas from Gopaldhara and Rohini, you can try experimenting with gongfu brewing.