Assam Jamguri Classic

Assam Jamguri Classic is a traditional Assam from Jamguri Tea Estate located next to the mighty Brahmaputra River. This FTGFOP1 grade is made from plants grown to organic standards. It produces a classic brisk flavour with malty, stony notes and a pleasant tannic finish.

Brewing guide: 2.5g in 250ml water at 90°C for 3-5 minutes



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Origin:Golaghat District, Assam, India
Harvest time:Blended 2022 harvests
Sourcing:Specialist Assam Wholesaler


Assam Jamguri Classic is a traditional Assam from Jamguri Tea Estate that is found just south of the mighty Brahmaputra River in Golaghat District. This FTGFOP1 grade is made from plants that are grown to organic standards and the Estate has organic certification. It has a characterful flavour that would appeal to all fans of bolder Assam and breakfast style teas. This particular batch is made of mixed 2022 harvests, blended to create a very satisfying liquor. We source this tea via a small specialist wholesaler who works directly with the estate.

Jamguri Tea Estate was founded on 12 March 1898 and was originally known as Nagora. Jamguri in the local language translates as ‘the land of the Jamun tree’, a tree known as the Malabar plum that produces bitter and sweet purple fruits. The estate is located next to Brahmaputra River and to the east of Kaziranga National Park. It has been exclusively producing organic teas for many years and the tea plants here thrive in natural biodiverse conditions. The teas from Jamguri are known for quality and for having classic Assam flavours.

Unlike our completely handmade Assam teas from Kathaldanga and Latumoni that have much more elegant but lighter flavours, this Assam Jamguri delivers a bolder, more traditional flavour profile. It is handpicked but machine processed, although still retains the high FTGFOP1 grading, referencing the tippy nature and high quality. This enables this tea to be competitively priced while delivering a lovely traditional Assam flavour. The blending of the harvests, utilising a milder First Flush together with a bolder Second Flush also greatly enhances the flavour.

This Assam Jamguri Classic consists of smaller, neat leaves with some very evident tips. It produces a dark, bold liquor with an aroma of malt and stewed plums. The overall taste is unmistakably Assam, bold and flavoursome. It has a plummy, fruity and malty flavour with a stony and mineral edge. There is a very pleasant underlying sweetness that balances the flavours. This sweetness is very welcome as the tea delivers a good degree of tannins and some bitterness, as expected! In fact, if it wasn’t for the tannic aspect, this would otherwise make for quite a sweet-tasting tea. The long-lasting aftertaste is mostly tannic, featuring drying notes of burnt sugar.

We suggest brewing at 90°C for 3-5 minutes according to your taste. It can be brewed a couple of times depending on your taste preferences. Can be enjoyed without any additions if you like a stronger taste. You can also brew this tea a bit lighter by shortening the infusion time and lowering the water temperature to 85°C. Add a splash of milk or honey and lemon if you must!