Tai Ping Hou Kui (Hand Crafted) (2023)

Hand Crafted Tai Ping Hou Kui is a superfine Teji grade Peaceful Monkey King green tea from Sanmentan Village, next to the core Houkeng tea growing area. Crafted entirely by hand, the large leaves produce a light taste with a full mouthfeel and crisp, creamy and floral notes.

Also available in original 250g sealed packets.

Brewing guide: 2.5g in 250ml water at 80°C for 2-3 minutes



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Origin:Sanmentan, Anhui Province, China
Cultivar:Shi Da Cha 'Persimmon Big Tea' (柿大茶)
Harvest time:15 April 2023
Sourcing:Specialist Chinese Wholesaler


Brand new tea, description coming shortly.