We have launched our curious subscription service

Curious Tea’s website is now live! We are extremely excited to announce that we have now officially launched our monthly tea subscription service. Look around our shiny new website. You can now browse the different types of subscriptions we have on offer – you can choose either monthly or quarterly billing and pick the type of tea you prefer.

subscription service

As a sneak preview, we can also reveal the teas that made it into our very first boxes.

Our December 2014 ‘light’ box will feature two green teas: Jasmine Pearl from China and Kukicha (or twig tea) from Japan.

Our December 2014 ‘dark’ box will feature two black teas: Golden Monkey King from China and Darjeeling Thurbo FTGFOP1 from India.

Our December 2014 ‘mixed’ box will feature one green and one black tea: Jasmine Pearl and Darjeeling Thurbo FTGFOP1.

Sign up to a tea subscription service

In order to ensure that you receive your December box in time for Christmas, please sign up to a tea subscription before December 18, 2014 (or earlier if you are an international customer).

We want to hear from you, so if you have any questions, suggestions or just want to chat about tea, contact us at contact@curioustea.com, via our Facebook page or via Twitter.

We hope you will enjoy your Curious Tea experience!

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2 thoughts on “We have launched our curious subscription service

  1. I stumbled across your site a little after Christmas and received my first subscription box yesterday, thank you! The Kukicha is in the infuser now and am I am very excited for it to brew so I can taste my first Curious Tea. I adore real green, white, yellow, and oolong teas, and this subscription was a little present to myself, in lieu of an actual green tea tasting class or attending a Japanese tea ceremony! One day….
    Thanks so much again. The packaging is simple yet beautiful and every element of the contents is evidently full of care and attention. I am so glad to be on board from the beginning of your tea subscription service, and hope to remain on board for as long as it continues.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Danu! We are thrilled that you are excited for your first Curious Tea and that you appreciate the effort we made to make our boxes as special as we could. What a fantastic review for us to show off on our maiden month of teas! Thank you so much for being with us early on and taking a chance with our brand new service. We’re trying to spread the word about special and authentic teas to everyone, and it’s fantastic to have someone who knows and appreciates good teas giving us an enthusiastic thumbs up.

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