Duanni & Lüni Yixing Teapot 85ml – Qin Quan 秦权

Name: Qin Quan (秦权)
Material: Yuan Kuang Duanni (原矿段泥) & Lüni (绿泥)
Size: approx 10.5cm x 7cm x 4cm
Volume: approx 85ml
Weight: approx 80g
Filter: 7 holes

Product photos are an accurate representation of the teapot, however due to handmade nature and lighting conditions some minor variations are possible.

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Origin:Dingshu Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, China
Sourcing:Direct from Studio in Yixing


This Qin Quan (秦权) Yixing teapot is made from authentic Yuan Kuang Duanni (原矿段泥) & Lüni (绿泥) clay. It is completely handmade by one of the artists from the studio of Masters Gao & Xu in Yixing. The main body of the teapot is made from ‘original ore’ (Yuan Kuang) Duanni and the outer layer is made from Lüni clay that is used for decorative purposes. The teapot is inscribed with ancient Small Seal Script (小篆) Chinese characters.

This teapot has a striking appearance that is inspired by traditional weights from the Qin Dynasty. They were first introduced by the First Qin Emperor (Qin Shi Huang 259-210 BC) who unified the 6 warring states and instigated administrative and economic reforms, including standardising the Chinese units of measurements.

Iron weight, Qin dynasty, Henan Museum

Duanni clay is particularly porous and absorbs more flavour. It also keeps heat for much longer. As such, it is perfect for richly flavoured teas and teas that require extra heat. Ideal for shu pu-erh, strong black teas, strong sheng pu-erh and strong roasted oolong teas.

About our Yixing teapots

We source our Yixing tea pots from a studio located in Dingshu Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, China. The studio is run by Master Gao & Master Xu. Together they have been producing tea pots and refining clay ore for over 40 years. The studio works only with authentic purple clay from Huanglong Mountain (黄龙山) and utilises only traditional clay ore refining methods. Teapots made in this studio are either completely handmade or half-hand. For half-hand teapots the artist shapes the main body of the teapot using a gypsum cast, while the handle, spout, lid, holes and decoration are all still done entirely by hand.


Only ever use water to rinse and clean your pot; never use soap or any cleaning products as the clay will absorb the chemicals.

After receiving your new Yixing teapot, please use plenty of water to rinse inside and out. Pour boiling water into the pot and let it sit for 15-30 minutes. You can also season your teapot with a type of tea you are going to use it for. Do this by putting a good amount of tea into the teapot with boiling water. Let it brew for 2+ hours. After these steps your teapot is ready to use!

Look after your pot by rinsing it with water and wiping dry with a soft towel. Yixing clay is fragile so please handle with care. As the clay absorbs flavours, we strongly recommend reserving a tea pot for a specific type of tea. With time and good care your Yixing teapot will reward you with more sophisticated flavours.

Our Yixing teapots are shipped via fully insured courier service (DHL) in the UK and worldwide. For customers outside the EU, please verify import duties in your country prior to purchasing. If you need any assistance, help or guidance with your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us before or after placing your order contact@curioustea.com. Shipped in a decorative protective box and pouch with a certificate from the master.