Samadoyo Glass & Steel Tea Infuser Mug 500ml

Samadoyo S’050A Glass and Steel Tea Infuser Mug

Brand: Samadoyo
Model: S’050A
Material: food grade borosilicate glass & stainless steel
Volume: 500ml
Weight: 230g
Size: 11.5cm (with handle) x 8cm x 12.5cm
Country of manufacture: China

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Samadoyo Glass Tea Infuser Mug

A highly versatile borosilicate glass mug with a fine stainless steel mesh infuser and stainless steel lid. The lid doubles as a coaster for the steel infuser. Made from durable materials, these infuser mugs combine sleek modern design with the convenience of being able to brew your favourite tea in any location. Perfect for both home and office use. We also stock a smaller 350ml version. And if you find the steel infuser getting too hot to handle when filled to the top, check out our new 450ml Infuser Mugs from Samadoyo that have a handy silicone lip around the infuser to make it easy to handle.

This tea infuser mug offers convenient flexible brewing, allowing to you to easily adjust the quantity of leaf, brewing time and the number of infusions to perfectly suit each tea. The very large size of the stainless steel infuser means that the leaves have plenty of space to expand and come into contact with water. While the very fine mesh of the infuser stops all but the smallest leaf particles leaving the infuser. So it’s perfect for brewing any type of tea, as well as other infusions. Perfectly suited for both large leaf and smaller chopped leaf teas.

About Samadoyo

Samadoyo is a high-end glassware manufacturer based in Guangdong Province, China. They specialise in producing glass teaware that blends modern western styles with more traditional aspects of tea brewing. Samadoyo products offer excellent product quality that is centred around modern design and convenience of use. Samodoyo products have been used at the Curious Tea HQ for the last five years for everyday brewing, sampling of teas and in our wholesale offering. We have found these products to be durable and extremely convenient to use and we hope that you will too!

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