Introductory Premium Tea Taster Selection

A great introductory premium tea selection box with a varied choice of our gourmet teas. This contains a selection of our more premium and rare teas. A great place to start if you are unsure which teas to order.

Our current selection for this gift box contains the following:
10g Bai Ya White Bud (white tea from China)
10g Kirishima Sencha (green tea from Japan)
10g Alishan Milk Oolong (oolong tea from Taiwan)
10g Darjeeling Rohini Summer Golden Tips (black tea from India)

Total tea by weight: 40g



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Curious Tea Introductory Premium Tea Taster Selection is a great place to start exploring the world of gourmet loose-leaf tea. The Selection consists of 4 carefully selected different premium tea varieties for you to try. We make them as varied and distinct as possible to help you decide which type of teas you prefer. Each tea comes in a 10g pouch, enough to make a minimum of 4 cups of tea. Almost all of our teas can be brewed more than once so you should be able to get 30+ cups from each selection box!

In contrast to the standard Introductory Tea Taster Selection, this selection features some of our more premium and rare teas for you to try.

We change the selection of teas in our Introductory Premium Tea Taster Selection box from time to time to ensure you are getting the best variety possible. Be sure to check this page for any new selections you may want to try! Our current selection in this box consists of the following:

Bai Ya White Bud is an unusual white tea from Yongde County of Yunnan Province. Consisting solely of buds, it is processed similarly to a sheng pu-erh. The resulting liquor is smooth and flavoursome with sweet, creamy and dry grass notes and a chalky, woody aftertaste.

Kirishima Sencha is a balanced organic tea from Kirishima in Kagoshima Prefecture. Made from Yabukita cultivar plants, it produces a bright emerald liquor with a light grassy aroma. The smooth, vegetal flavour has sweet buttery notes with a slightly savoury edge.

Alishan Milk Oolong is made from a ‘Jin Xuan’ cultivar grown high up in the Alishan Scenic Area of Taiwan. It has a subtle natural milky aroma, mouthfeel and taste. Clean and fresh tasting, with sweet notes of wild flowers and vanilla. Winner of a 1* Great Taste Award in 2021.

Darjeeling Rohini Summer Golden Tips is a wonderfully complex tippy Second Flush Darjeeling from Rohini Tea Estate. Beautifully made with plenty of golden tips, it produces a fruity liquor. The balanced taste has malty and sweet notes of plum jam with a juicy, citrus aftertaste.