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Mist Valley First Flush

Mist Valley First Flush is a fantastic top grade Nepalese black tea from the Himalayas. Neat black leaves produce a bright amber liquor with a delightfully stony, floral and full first flush character.

Brewing guide: 2.5g in 250ml water at 90°C for 3-5 minutes

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Origin:Jitpur, Ilam District, Nepal

Mist Valley First Flush is a Nepalese tea grown in the Mist Valley Tea Gardens in Jitpur, Ilam District of Eastern Nepal. Situated high up in the foothills of the Himalayas but close to Darjeeling, Mist Valley Tea Gardens produce some outstanding teas, especially First Flushes plucked in spring of each year. The hills around this area, made famous by Ghurkha armies, possess all necessary attributes for producing top quality tea – height (1,300m or approx. 4,200ft), soil, temperature, air and rainfall all contribute to make some very distinctive teas.

Nepalese tea is not as well known as Darjeeling on the Western market but teas from Nepal are starting to gain popularity in the west. Best Nepalese teas can easily compete with the best Darjeelings in terms of quality and when compared to top tier First Flush Darjeeling counterparts. Also most tea bushes around the Mist Valley Tea Gardens were planted later than those of Darjeeling resulting in younger character and leaf.

We selected this Mist Valley First Flush for our August Dark tea boxes. The neat black leaves of this tea produce a light liquor with lovely aroma of dried berries and wild flowers. When brewed the character is similar to a First Flush Darjeeling. The flavour has typical Darjeeling floral tones combining with chalky muscatel notes as well as dryness and slight astringency reminiscent of dandelion.

This tea is best brewed at 90°C for 3-5 minutes. This tea was featured in out August 2015 boxes.

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