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Jin Shan Shi Yu

Jin Shan Shi Yu green tea from Anhui Province in China has twisted and rolled green leaves that produce a very smooth slightly vegetal liquor with sweet and smoky notes.

Brewing guide: 2.5g in 250ml water at 80°C for 2-3 minutes

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Origin:Anhui Province, China

Jin Shan Shi Yu green tea was featured in our July 2015 boxes. Jin Shan Shi Yu is a special tea that comes from Anhui Province in Eastern China. Jin Shan Shi Yu can be translated as Gold Mountain Timely Rain and it is grown around the Jin Shan (Gold Mountain) village.

This tea is plucked at a very specific time of the year and only when conditions are ideal. As the name suggests, the timing of the picking coincides with the first spring rains and it is usually right after the rains when the leaves are young and new buds appear on the tea plants. Another possible explanation for the ‘Timely Rain’ name is that the leaves have a distinctive curled raindrop-like shape.

The leaves of this Jin Shan Shi Yu green tea have a distinctive curled shape, dark green in colour and are tightly twisted and rolled. The liquor produced is a little bright and light yellow-green in colour. It has a very smooth slightly vegetable and chalky taste with a sweet character and mild smoky undertones. A very delightful cup of tea that has a very typical yet unique profile for a Chinese green tea.

This tea is best brewed at 80°C for 2-3 minutes and can be brewed multiple times. This tea would be great cold – you can try cold brewing it for a lovely cup of iced tea. Alternatively brew as per our guidelines or according to your preference, let it cool and refrigerate to enjoy a very refreshing and healthy cup of iced tea on a hot sunny day!

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