Bing Dao Sheng Pu-erh Cake

Bing Dao Sheng Pu-erh Cake is a 2017 vintage of a raw pu-erh cake from Bing Dao Village close to Mengku Town in Lincang Prefecture. Leaves picked from ancient arbor trees come pressed into small 100g cakes. Bright liquor has fruity notes of plums and wheat with a lasting aftertaste.

The whole cakes are approximately 100g in weight and come in our usual handy zip pouches for easy storage.

We also offer samples that are 1/10th of the cake and are around 10g in weight. While we do our best to keep the samples intact, these may contain loose leaves that separated from the main cake during breakage.

Brewing guide: 2.5g in 250ml water at 90-98°C for 3-5 minutes



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Origin:Bing Dao, Shuangjiang, Lincang, Yunnan Province, China
Cultivar:Camellia sinensis var. assamica
Harvest time:March 2017
Sourcing:Specialist Chinese Wholesaler


Our Bing Dao Sheng Pu-erh Cake (冰岛生饼) is a raw pu-erh cake that comes from Bing Dao (冰岛) Village located high in the mountains not far from Mengku in Shuangjiang Lahu, Va, Blang and Dai Autonomous County in Lincang, Yunnan Province. The 100g cakes are pressed from leaves picked from ancient arbor trees grown at an altitude of 2,200-2,300 metres. This batch is a production from March 2017.

These Bing Dao Sheng Pu-erh Cakes come from a small production of 100g cakes, which is a convenient size for exploring pu-erh teas. The cakes are wrapped in paper and simply marked 冰島古樹 (Bing Dao Gu Shu). In this case 冰島 (Bing Dao) denotes the origin, Bing Dao Village. 古樹 (Gu Shu) can be translated as ‘old tree’ and refers to old arbor trees. These are fully grown tall tea trees that are 200-300 years old and being of this age are very suitable for producing high quality sheng pu-erh. High altitude and northerly latitude both make the climate in this area cooler, especially at night. The age of the trees and environmental conditions combine to produce a young sheng pu-erh that, irrespective of the age, has complex, smooth flavours and good cha qi.

While most raw pu-erhs would require prolonged storage to develop the flavours, this one can be both stored for longer or enjoyed now thanks to the good quality of the raw material used in these cakes. Unwrapping this Bing Dao Sheng Pu-erh Cake releases a pleasant fruity aroma. The clear and bright golden liquor has a light fruity aroma. The taste is smooth, with fruity plum and creamy cereal notes. There is already a good amount of sweetness in this tea even though it has not been aged for a long time. The aftertaste is lasting, comforting, with just a touch of astringency and dryness that will further diminish with additional storage.

We suggest brewing parameters of 90-98°C for 2-3 minutes according to your taste, brewing multiple times. For best results, brew Gong Fu style. When brewed Gong Fu style we suggest briefly washing the leaves.