Four Seasons Competition Oolong (Top Championship Grade 2022)

Four Seasons Competition Oolong is a smooth and refined oolong made from a Four Seasons cultivar that achieved top grade at the 2023 winter competition held by the Lu-Ming Organic Tea Farmers’ Association. It has a complex floral liquor with buttery and sweet toasty notes.

We supply this tea decanted in our usual 10g and 50g kraft zip seal pouches for convenience and sampling.

You can also purchase this tea in original packaging with competition seals:
– 150g sealed containers (cardboard containing a 150g vacuum sealed pack);
– 300g sealed boxes (containing 2 x 150g cardboard containers).

The containers and boxes come with original seals from the competition that authenticate this product. These represent overall better value but also make for outstanding and very exclusive gifts.

Brewing guide: 2.5g in 250ml water at 90°C for 3 mins



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Origin:Mingjian Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
Cultivar:Si Ji Chun 'Four Seasons' (四季春)
Harvest time:November 2022
Sourcing:From the farmer via Taiwanese Tea Master


Four Seasons Competition Oolong (四季春烏龍茶) is a top Championship grade oolong. Judged to be one of the best in the winter 2023 competition held by the Lu-Ming Organic Tea Farmers’ Association. Tested to meet stringent organic standards, it is made from Si Ji Chun (四季春) cultivar plants that are grown in Mingjian Township of Nantou Province in Taiwan at an altitude of about 350 metres. It produces a complex floral flavour with lovely buttery notes. This tea was harvested in November 2022 and was very lightly baked to meet the Competition standards.

This is just one of the Taiwanese Competition Grade Oolong teas that we currently have available in our shop.

Every year in Taiwan, local competitions are held to determine the best teas of that season. This particular tea was entered in the Lu-Ming Organic Tea Farmers’ Association competition in 2023 and achieved a ‘Champtionship’ grade. This competition is only open to teas that are farmed to organic standards, also sometimes referred to as ‘nature farming’. All teas are extensively tested to make sure they meet the competition standards in order to ensure that they are organic and do not contain any residue of artificial pesticides or fertilisers. Such testing ensures the teas are truly organic, with any possible cross-contamination from neighbouring farms being completely excluded. This particular Four Seasons Oolong is a Championship Grade, which is the top grade that is selected from the very best 5-10 teas of the competition that year.

This Competition Grade Four Seasons Oolong consists of smaller, neat leaves. It produces a bright liquor with a floral and lightly roasted aroma. The fresh taste is supremely smooth, something that the light roasting of this tea definitely contributes to. The floral profile has notes that are creamy, buttery and sweet with a lovely toasty undertone. The refreshing aftertaste is clean and comforting. This is a supremely crafted tea that delivers complexity not often found in lower grown teas or those made from the Si Ji Chun cultivar.

It is best brewed at 90°C for 3 minutes according to your taste and should be brewed multiple times, increasing steeping time with each brew if desired. Traditional gongfu brewing would allow to extract more authentic flavours as well as much more complexity from this tea.