Feng Yan Jasmine Phoenix Eyes

Feng Yan Jasmine Phoenix Eyes is a wonderfully fragrant jasmine scented green tea, expertly rolled into a shape resembling phoenix eyes. It produces a golden liquor with a jasmine aroma. The soft, balanced character has smooth, long-lasting floral notes and a juicy, lingering aftertaste.

Brewing guide: 2.5g in 250ml water at 80°C for 2-3 minutes



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Origin:Grown: Fujian, Finished: Guangxi
Cultivar:Fuding Da Bai 'Large White' (福鼎大白)
Harvest time:Spring 2023
Sourcing:Direct from Producer in Fujian Province


Feng Yan Jasmine Phoenix Eyes (茉莉鳳眼) is an organic jasmine green tea that is grown in Fuding, Fujian Province and then scented and finished in Guangxi Province of China. The name of this tea, which translates from the Chinese Mo Li Feng Yan as Jasmine Phoenix Eyes, comes from the shape of the dried leaves that resembles an eye of a phoenix. This tea produces a soft cup that is balanced and smooth, having a delightful jasmine aroma and taste. Spring 2023 harvest.

The production process follows a classic jasmine green tea recipe of scenting tea leaves with jasmine blossoms. The plucked leaves of this tea are rolled into a distinctive phoenix eye shape during processing and prior to scenting. The scenting involves layering tea leaves with fresh jasmine blossom in alternating layers so that the leaves acquire a jasmine fragrance. The blossoms are removed from the finished tea as leaving the jasmine blossom in can deteriorate the quality of the tea and result in a bitter taste. Jasmine tea is very popular in China and is often used as a welcoming gesture to guests.

Feng Yan Jasmine Phoenix Eyes green tea comes in tightly rolled leaves in a distinctive eye shape. The dry leaves have a delightful jasmine aroma. When you brew this tea, the rolled leaves will slowly unfurl. They will not fully unfurl on the first infusion, meaning there is quite a lot of flavour left over for subsequent steeps. The jasmine aroma is stronger on the first infusion, becoming gentler with further brewing. The golden liquor has a character that is floral, verdant, quite light and very smooth. It produces quite a gentle jasmine green tea that is balanced and soft. There is no dryness or astringency on the aftertaste, instead it is juicy and has a long lasting jasmine flavour. It is less complex than our award-winning Nu Er Huan Jasmine Girl Rings yet the flavour is more subtle. Perfect if you prefer a lighter jasmine green tea.

We suggest brewing parameters of 80°C for 2-3 minutes according to your taste. It can be brewed 3 or more times depending on your taste preference. This Feng Yan Jasmine Phoenix Eyes green tea produces a very satisfying cup of tea that is pleasant to drink on its own or it also goes exceptionally well with most types of food.

This Feng Yan Jasmine Phoenix Eyes green tea was first featured in our July 2018 Curious Tea Subscription Boxes.

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