Darjeeling Thurbo First Flush 2018

Darjeeling Thurbo First Flush 2018 is a top quality early spring Darjeeling from Thurbo Tea Estate. Very neat tippy leaves produce a balanced and aromatic liquor. The typical first flush character has a pronounced floral and mineral profile with fruity notes and a long smooth aftertaste.

Brewing guide: 2.5g in 250ml water at 90°C for 3-4 minutes


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Origin:Mirik Valley, Darjeeling, India
Harvest time:Spring 2018
Sourcing:Specialist UK Wholesaler


Darjeeling Thurbo First Flush 2018 is a top grade early spring Darjeeling tea that is floral and smooth. It is a fantastic example of a First Flush Darjeeling, having floral and mineral notes with a long-lasting smooth aftertaste.

This tea comes from a tea estate that is located in the beautiful Mirik Valley of western Darjeeling, very close to the Nepalese border. The estate is well-known for clonal teas, where the bushes are grown from cultivars originating from the original plants brought from China rather than from tea seeds. This imparts a distinct floral flavour and bright quality to these highly sought after teas.

The name of Thurbo Tea Estate most likely originates from the time the British had set up camp in this area prior to invading Nepal. In local language, ‘tombu’ means tent and was used to refer to this camp, which probably became Thurbo with time. The estate itself was established in 1872 and is one of the larger estates in Darjeeling.

This Darjeeling Thurbo First Flush 2018 is really top quality; the neat tippy leaves producing a bright golden aromatic liquor. The character is typically first flush, with floral and mineral notes being the highlights. The profile is smooth and balanced with hardly any astringency or dryness. There are floral, fruity, mineral and creamy notes and a long-lasting floral aftertaste that is quite comforting. An excellent tea to enjoy on its own or as part of an afternoon tea paired with scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam.

Darjeeling Thurbo First Flush 2018 black tea is best brewed at 90°C for 3-4 minutes according to your taste. It can also stand at least one more infusion. Best taken without milk to fully enjoy the first flush character and complexity of flavours of this fine tea.

This tea was first featured in our March 2019 Curious Tea Subscription Boxes.