Darjeeling Giddapahar First Flush 2019

Darjeeling Giddapahar First Flush 2019 is a classic First Flush Darjeeling from Giddapahar Tea Estate, located high up in the Himalayan foothills. Neat leaves produce a golden liquor with a bright floral profile. The complex verdant taste has notes of molasses and a dry, mineral aftertaste.

Brewing guide: 2.5g in 250ml water at 90°C for 3-4 minutes


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Origin:Giddapahar Tea Estate, Darjeeling, India
Elevation:1,300 - 1,600m
Cultivar:Old China bushes
Harvest time:Spring 2019
Sourcing:Specialist UK Wholesaler


Darjeeling Giddapahar First Flush 2019 is an exquisite First Flush Darjeeling from Giddapahar Tea Estate. Situated on steep slopes of Kurseong Valley in Darjeeling, this Estate is world-famous for its classic Darjeeling teas. This First Flush has well-sorted neat tippy leaves that produce a complex taste that is verdant and mineral with characteristic caramel notes of molasses. This First Flush is a spring 2019 harvest and was sourced by us via a specialist wholesaler that deals direct with the Estate.

Giddapahar Tea Estate is a relatively small tea garden when compared to other major Darjeeling estates. It is situated on the steep slopes surrounding Kurseong Valley in the Himalayan foothills, not far from Kurseong town. Located at an altitude of between 1,300 and 1,600 metres, the garden is mostly planted with century old China bushes. Although the Estate also grows some AV2 plants, the majority of production is still from the older China bushes. Since 1881 the Estate has been in the same family for 4 generations, and the production is steeped in tradition and expertise that has passed down the generations. Teas from Giddapahar are highly sought after around the world as being some of the best and most refined Darjeeling teas. The expert and considered processing of the fine leaves lead to teas of captivating character and a trademark Giddapahar flavour note that resembles caramel.

Like in all of Darjeeling, the First Flush is a particularly prized picking. The tea trees undergo hibernation for about 4 months during the period of December to March. As spring approaches, the trees start to slowly produce very fine new growth. These new spring leaves that are carefully picked by hand usually consist of one bud plus one or two leaves. These are sorted and processed using minimal machinery to retain the fine quality of the leaf. First Flush Darjeeling teas tend to undergo lower oxidation of the leaves to preserve the fine floral aromatics and muscatel flavours that they are famous for.

Darjeeling Giddapahar First Flush has neat tippy leaves that have a lovely mineral and floral aroma. The leaf is very neat, tippy and has an attractive mixed coloration indicating the medium level of oxidation. The brewed liquor has an attractive golden orange colour and a lovely floral fragrance. The taste has a strong floral character with herbaceous, verdant notes. There is definite muscatel notes that have an edge of caramel, molasses and burn sugar that Giddapahar teas are famous for. The pleasantly lasting aftertaste has a good degree of floral dryness that gives way to a brighter mineral note. This quality makes this tea idea for an afternoon tea treat, ideal on its own or paired with slightly sweet things.

It is best brewed at 90°C for 3-4 minutes and can be brewed 2+ times.

This Darjeeling Giddapahar First Flush 2019 was first featured in our April 2020 Curious Tea Subscription Boxes.