Assam Naharhaku Second Flush

Assam Naharhaku Second Flush is a classic summer harvest Assam from a small family-run tea garden in Naharhaku Village. Grown to organic standards, this tea produces a bold yet balanced Assam taste. The mineral profile has malty and tangy notes of fruits and molasses.

Brewing guide: 2.5g in 250ml water at 90°C for 3-4 minutes


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Origin:Naharhaku Tea Garden, Assam, India
Harvest time:Summer 2019
Sourcing:Specialist Assam Wholesaler


Assam Naharhaku Second Flush is a fine Second Flush Assam from a small tea garden located in Naharhaku Village in Assam. This garden has been operating on natural and sustainable principles since 2015, so the teas from here are produced to organic standards. Picked in early summer of 2019, this classic summer Assam produces a bold yet balanced classic Assam flavour.

Naharhaku tea garden is run by Mr Lakhyajeet, who has a small tea plantation that is located in the village of Naharhaku at a low altitude of around 100 metres. This growing environment is typical for Assam teas. The plants used in the garden are a mixture of seed plants that have been collected from various local gardens as well as native trees. This makes the results less predictable but perhaps more interesting!

We work together with a specialist wholesaler in India who only works with small scale gardens like Naharhaku. They do not just resell the farmers’ teas but also provide support and financial help to small scale farmers to enable them to produce great quality tea – such as investing into machinery and providing them with knowhow. In this case they were instrumental with helping Mr Lakhyajeet and his family in making their micro tea factory a great success.

In fact Mr Lakhyajeet was inspired by both Latumoni (Assam Latumoni Royal Gold & Assam Latumoni Tea Flowers) and Koliapani (Assam Koliapani Signature Black & Assam Koliapani Xuwola Green) tea gardens to take advantage of the initiative and support available for him in converting his garden to traditional and natural farming. The owner of Latumoni was instrumental in training Mr Lakhyajeet and helping him design his micro processing tea unit. The owner of Koliapani in turn helped with design and manufacture of a unique drying system. We think this collaboration in technical knowledge combined with passion for natural and biodynamic farming is producing some excellent results on all these small scale tea gardens.

Assam Naharhaku Second Flush has a twisted leaf that produces a dark red-brown liquor that is somewhat opaque. The aroma is that of fruits, especially of stewed plums. The flavours are balanced with specifically pronounced mineral and malty notes of cooked red fruits and molasses. The taste is a little light and brisk, having a rather soft Assam flavour. The aftertaste is tangy, with notes of stewed fruits and alcohol. This tea delivers some balanced and classic flavours without the typical Assam astringency or harshness.

We suggest brewing parameters of 90°C for 3-4 minutes according to your taste, brewing multiple times. Definitely best drunk without milk, although you could always experiment with brewing it stronger and adding just a little dash of milk if desired.

This Assam Naharhaku Second Flush black tea was first featured in our January 2020 Curious Tea Subscription Boxes.